Hyaluron 3D Peeling

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Face peel with hyaluronic acid


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Product description


Mechanical-enzymatic hyaluronic peel with smoothing and moisturizing effect. Papain dissolves intercellular adhesion junctions and pearlite provides mechanical skin cleansing. Hyaluronic acid binds the water particles creating a film on the skin with moisturizing and softening properties. The avocado oil nourishes and provides the skin with an intensive care leaving it smooth and silky soft. The peel is especially recommended for dry, dehydrated and exfoliating skin.
Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of peel onto the cleansed and dried skin of the face, neck and cleavage. After 5 minutes carry out the peeling with wet hands and circular movements, then rinse off with water and tonify the skin.


Capacity: 200 ml [Code: 13403]
Capacity: 100 ml [Code: 13404]


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